Polish Red Borscht

Polish Red Borscht

In the most basic variation Polish red borscht, all the vegetables in the soup are removed after cooking, as they are only used for flavoring.  The exceptions to this rule are the red beets, which also impart their wonderful rich, red color to the soup.  This vivid red broth is then ladled into soup bowls and enjoyed, just as it is, without the addition of any further flavorings – apart from maybe a little salt.  I have to admit, in a complete break with tradition, I love to add freshly ground black pepper, a spoonful of Greek yogurt, and a couple of drops of chili sauce to my bowl of borscht – it really enhances the flavor. The basic broth ingredients are prepared, with meat and a combination of various other vegetables added to them.  This produces a much richer and heartier version of the soup, as all the ingredients are left in the broth, and everything is eaten together. More about Polish Food at European Food Bay Area

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